Get yourself a classic bomber jacket with the authentic starter Style right here. Time-proven details meet uncompromising design. The striking bomber look is created with the help of the featured stand-up collar, lining and zipper. You will also notice wide cuffs on sleeves and hem that ensure the intended comfort. Two side pockets and an integrated zipper pocket on the left upper arm come in handy, too. The style is confidently rounded off by three Starter logo brandings. One of them sits prominently on the left chest, the other ones discreetly on hem and cuffs. A solid jacket for proper men.
Farba: black
Zloženie: Shell Fabric 1: 100% Nylon&Polyamide, Oxford, 180 gsmLining 1: 100% Polyester, 230T Taffeta, 70 gsmWadding: 100% Polyester, Padding